Media + News

As part of my commitment to public scholarship, I contribute to non-academic media outlets and pursue a variety of opportunities to circulate knowledge between colleges and communities . You can view a selection of my outreach activities here, including newspaper articles, guest blog posts, and news clips.

News Clips

Report on the International Arctic Forum breakout session, “Russia in the Arctic Dialogue”

Inuktitut Tapiriit Kanatami Magazine feature on Inuktitut students at the University of Washington (pp. 11-15).


Invited speaker on Arctic maritime security for Krulak Center #Brutecast. S2 E6.

Interview of Tony Penikett, author of Hunting the Northern Character. IPI Arctic and International Relations Podcast Series, Episode 1.

North 66 Podcast, can be accessed here.

Blog Posts

“Inuktitut Courses at UW”: FLAS Fellows Present at the Inuit Studies Conference. Canadian Studies Cente(2019).

Teaching Advice from Experienced TAs. Center for Teaching and Learning ( 2019).

Community Consulting and Hydroelectric Energy: Learning from Canada’s Mistakes.  Environment (2019)

Inuit Language and Arctic Policy. Canadian Studies Center (2019)

Local Perspectives on Nuclear Energy. Patch (2019)

Nuclear Energy: The Positives, the Risks, and the Big Picture. Buzzfeed (2019)

Encouraging Lifelong Learning Through a Minimalist Mindset. Pick the Brain (2018)

Eight Things Teaching Assistants Want You to Know. Student Caring (2018)

The Minimalist Student: Cutting Away the Excess for Greater Well-Being. The Daily (2018)

Research Communications

Discussing Science Based Policy in an Era of Climate Consequences. Science Debate (2019)

Vikings in World History. Nortanna News (2019)

Study of Environmental Bias and Perceptions. Northern Notes (2019)

Lapp. The Cross Section (2014)

Public Resource Books

Taste of Sarband: Culinary History and Dishes of Tajikistan. Courmand World Cookbook Award. Profits went to funding classrooms supplies for schools in Tajikistan.